Samsung AX46 review: Smart air purifier for large rooms

Samsung AX46 review: Smart air purifier for large rooms

A few weeks post-Diwali, residents in North India often assume the air is clear, only to be confronted with alarming air quality levels in early December, particularly in the National Capital Region (NCR). The Samsung AX46 air purifier, which I had the opportunity to review, revealed unsettling numbers in my living room.

Designed for spacious living areas or offices, the AX46 boasts a sleek design that means business. Drawing in air from the front, it expels clean air from the top and two sides, allowing placement in any room corner without hindrance. Despite its size, the purifier is easily movable, thanks to its bottom wheels.

Operation is straightforward, with top-mounted buttons for power, auto, fan, and sleep modes, along with touch buttons for setting timers and checking filter status. An LED panel above the buttons displays the Air Quality Index (AQI), gas indicators (for anything below PM2.5), and WiFi connectivity.

The WiFi feature enables control via the Samsung Smart Things app, facilitating easy adjustment of fan speeds, modes, and scheduling. The app also provides real-time AQI levels and energy consumption data.

During the two-week trial, the AX46 consistently lowered AQI levels from an initial 300 to under 100 within 15 minutes. The purifier operates silently, especially in sleep mode, but can be adjusted to full blast for quicker results, transitioning to a quieter mode later.

The AX46 incorporates a multi-layer structure with a washable pre-filter, activated carbon deodorization filter, and dust-collecting filter. Samsung claims these filters last at least a year with eight hours of daily usage.

In auto mode, the purifier detects both dust and gas, reacting to environmental changes such as the opening of doors or gas leaks. The device proved its worth during a cooking session that raised indoor AQI levels to 999, emphasizing its significance in urban households.

Priced at Rs 32,990, the Samsung AX46 is recommended for those with large living spaces. Its size may be impractical for smaller rooms, but for Samsung smartphone users seeking a connected device, it adds extra value. Currently, it stands out as one of the top choices for home and office air purification.